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Allss beings, life forces, entities, awareness’s, assemblages and all else that exists that does not have my highest interest and the highest interests of all life everywhere and or is not in the highest service to the one, true God of all creation in thought, form, action, deed and in all ways and all artificial intelligences and all technologies that are part of or support them and all life not created by the only true God of all creations, I demand you to leave my mind, spirit, body and soul, all that I am on all dimensions, densities, levels and locations now and forever.

All permissions to create or maintain attachments, infiltrate from within or without, cohabitate or possess in part or in whole, affect or defect in any way, to feed off of, manipulate, change, alter or create any pain, suffering or distortions to my mind, thoughts, feelings, body, genetics, or any part of what I am is permanently now and forever removed.

Any contracts, agreements, or obligations I have made that are not in my highest interest, the highest interests of all life everywhere and not in the highest service to the one true God of all creation, I now declare null and void.

Any rents, tears, holes, or missing areas of any kind in any of what I am is to be filled by the in of the light of the Holy Spirit, the word of the one true God of all creation and the healing and compassion of His only begotten son Jesus Christ.

As it is said it is now done and sealed in the authority of the one true God of all creation the living God of all love, light, Creations and compassion and his only begotten son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.